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Bringing choice, control and freedom to your life.

Kind words from the Pathways community

Pathways is the type of service that is very hard to find. The genuine and caring approach of the workers is very evident and reflects the high quality standard set by management. Our worker Drew was a delight and managed our two sons with care, patience and humour. So sad to leave when we moved.

Elizabeth Stephens
Google Review

“It’s so refreshing to be part of a team that ensures supports are based around the “Participants Choice and Control”.

Janine and Kate lead a motivational and genuinely loving team that inspire their clients to live their best life. Management at PTBL understand the importance of matching participants to their workers in order to foster healthy supportive relationships.

Working for PTBL has taught me the importance of meeting the needs of participants whilst protecting their sense of independence and self-worth. I wholeheartedly would recommend PTBL to both Support Workers and Participants. “

“As a Support Worker, I feel blessed to be part of the dedicated PTBL team, who care for our Clients, striving to help them achieve their goals and bringing a little extra happiness to their lives. Our Managers: Katie, Janine & Emily work tirelessly for the well-being of our Clients and also provide a high level of support for all of us Support Workers.
PTBL puts Clients’ needs at the forefront and Management, Clients and Workers are a team, making for the best service available. A great team to belong to. “

“I’ve been working with Pathways to Better Living for one year now, and it is truly a pleasure to work for such a caring and professional organisation.
What has impressed me the most is how the whole management team and fellow support workers care deeply about our clients and are always willing to go the extra mile to support and help them achieve their goals in a dignified and compassionate way.
Every support worker has their own genuine skill set that they offer to clients, and management are always ensuring the quality standard that supports the integrity of the ‘person-centred’ approach.

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone I love to PTBL for their optimum care and support with their quality of life.”

I worked closely with Kate in her previous role for over 18 months and am overjoyed that I will be able to continue working with her through Pathways to Better Living.

Kate has proven to be passionate and ethical when dealing with both me and my clients.  She has gone above and beyond to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible for both stakeholders, ensuring the clients’ outcome is smooth and in their best interests.  She is a dedicated and energetic worker, who makes the extra effort required to do a superlative job, rather than an average one. 

I am excited to see Pathways move forward.  I am looking forward to being able to continue to call on Kate’s skills for the foreseeable future.

Kate came into our lives as someone to fill in for our regular Support Worker, who was going on holidays. In the 4 weeks she spent with my son and I, the impact Kate made on our lives was enormous. She did so much more than we first asked from her, or even imagined foe ourselves to be honest.

We are now hoping she’ll have time to keep spending a few hours a week with us, because she’s just so much fun to have around. She has such great ideas – so original and exciting. She’s like a breath of fresh air through your life! 

NDIS Participant
Tweed Heads