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Bringing choice, control and freedom to your life.

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Helping You Do What You Love

If a loved one receives specific disability support in order to manage the day-to-day difficulties they face, living with a disability can be a valuable experience. In addition to providing you with support for your health and well-being, we will show you how to participate in work, education, sports, and other activities you choose. With PTBL’s NDIS Care Coordination team, you will achieve everything you desire. Our goal is to help you become successful in whatever field you choose, whether it’s learning new skills, experiencing new sights, making new friends, or doing what you love.

In our view, the right care depends on your lifestyle and goals, so you should choose it for yourself. PTBL strongly believe that by enhancing your independence and well-being, we can improve your quality of life. By providing you with a dedicated team of professionals, we are here to support you in living the life you choose. We are here to provide access to all the disability support services you require under one roof.

Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS That Works For You!

Are you looking for assistance in understanding the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) or in coordinating your care plan? It is our pleasure to assist you. Throughout every step of the NDIS application process, our Customer Care Coordinators will work with you to formulate your NDIS plan. They will advocate on your behalf throughout the process. Helping you navigate the NDIS with tools, resources, and peer support can make your planning meeting more effective. In the event that you do not qualify for Government funding or desire support while your application is being processed, you may choose to purchase our services privately. Our goal as an NDIS provider is to work with you to ensure you receive the right services to help meet your goals in a convenient way.

Registered NDIS Service Providers Kingscliff

Why Use Our Registered NDIS Services


For over 10 years, PTBL has provided disability support services throughout Sydney. You or a family member will be able to continue to enjoy the things you love with a wide range of services.

The Right Support

We will work with you to provide support in a way that is right for you, whether it is participating in social activities or receiving meals delivered to your door. Throughout your experience with us, you can expect respectful, professional care.

A Dedicated Team

You may choose from the services we offer, or take advantage of government funding, which will guide you to make the right choices for your situation. The team understands your needs and advocates for them.

It's All About You!

PTBL’s goal and main priority is to help you (or someone you love) live the life you choose. We help you use your NDIS plan to the best of its capabilities. You will receive the best possible service from our friendly Customer Care Team members. Having a good life is our goal.

NDIS Provider

What is an NDIS Provider?

Funded services are delivered by service providers. There are different types of service providers.

Finding the right provider depends on what you want. A provider can be a large company, a charity, a small non-profit, a sole trader or any other kind of business. A NDIS registered provider is known as an NDIS provider. It meets government safety and quality standards.

The NDIS can only be delivered by NDIA-registered providers if the funding is NDIA-managed. Support workers and providers who have worked with you for several years but are not NDIS registered should be encouraged to register so you can continue to work together.

In addition to participating in NDIS registered providers, non-registered providers may also be used by NDIS participants.

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