Registered NDIS Provider


Pathways to Better Living Pty Ltd – Pricing Policy


This policy provides basic guidelines for pricing NDIS supports, fees and charges, and payment requests.

  • Applies to the provision of services to all NDIS participants, except those that are self-managing
  • Applies to all representatives including key management personnel, directors, full time workers, part time workers, casual workers, contractors and volunteers

NDIS price guide

We will adhere to the NDIA Price Guide or any other NDIA pricing arrangements and guidelines.

We will declare relevant prices to participants before delivering a service including any notice periods or cancellation terms.

We understand that participants are not bound to engage our services after prices are declared.

Prices charged to participants will not exceed the price level prescribed for that support in the Pricing Guide.

Fees and charges

Regardless if we manage the support, or it is managed by the NDIA or a third party, no other charges are added to the cost of the support such as:

  • Credit card surcharges
  • Any additional fees such as “gap” fees, late payment fees

Payment Requests

We will make payment requests only after supports have been delivered or provided and within a reasonable time (no later than 60 days from the end of the Service Booking)

Fraudulent claims

If we make a fraudulent claim, the NDIA retains the right to commence criminal and/or civil proceedings.